Milazzo to Stromboli Ferry – With 2023 Timetable and Prices

Learn everything you need to know about taking the Milazzo to Stromboli ferry from Sicily to the volcano island.

Stromboli Volcano is one of the most active in the world and erupts every 20 minutes or so, which can be better seen at night and from the ocean. Although this active volcano is constantly spewing lava, the island is inhabited with around 400 permanent residents.

There are two main ways to get from Milazzo to Stromboli. The first is to take the Stromboli ferry and the second is to take a tour, like I did in July 2022.

There are many daily ferries to Stromboli, but this article will concentrate on the route from Milazzo in northern Sicily.

Below you’ll find the current timetable and prices as well as everything you need to know about visiting one of the world’s most active volcanoes.

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About the Routes

There are two main routes of the ferry Milazzo Stromboli. The main village of Porto di Stromboli which is where the majority of the shops, restaurants and bars are located.

The second ferry Stromboli route is to the small village of Ginostra on the other side of the island. The only way to get between these two settlements is by boat, so take this into consideration. Most people will opt for the

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How Long is the Milazzo Stromboli Ferry?

There is a fast hydrofoil ferry to Stromboli that takes just one hour and ten minutes. The slower ferries take between two to six hours.

Ferry to Stromboli Prices

Liberty Lines Fast Ferry from €31.00 one way.

Siremar Ferries from €21.00 one way.

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Milazzo to Stromboli Ferry Times

Milazzo to Porto di Stromboli

Ferry CompanyDepart MilazzoArrive StromboliDuration
Liberty Lines06:0007:101h10m
Liberty Lines07:3010:252h55m
Siremar Ferries07:0013:056h05m
Siremar Ferries14:3021:156h45m

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Porto di Stromboli to Milazzo

Ferry CompanyDepart StromboliArrive MilazzoDuration
Liberty Lines07:1510:102h55m
Liberty Lines17:0019:552h55m
Siremar Ferries06:1512:156h00m
Siremar Ferries13:3019:306h00m

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Milazzo to Ginostra

Ferry CompanyDepart MilazzoArrive GinostraDuration
Liberty Lines06:0007:251h25m
Liberty Lines14:0015:551h55m

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Porto di Stromboli to Milazzo

Ferry CompanyDepart GinostraArrive MilazzoDuration
Liberty Lines07:3010:102h40m
Liberty Lines17:1519:552h40m

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How to Book Tickets for the Stromboli Ferry

You can purchase tickets online through Direct Ferries. The other option is to buy at the port in Milazzo or book through a tour agency (see below). The route is liable to sell out during peak season in the summer, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Stromboli Tours

Volcano in the Ocean
Stromboli – Volcano in the Ocean

Taking a tour is a great way to see Stromboli volcano and takes a lot of the hassle out of the trip. Read about the tour I took here.

Most ferry tours include nighttime viewing of the volcano from the ocean which is definitely the best way to witness the eruptions.

Tour from Milazzo

Volcano Trekking Tour

Getting to the Port in Milazzo

Milazzo Sicily
Milazzo Sicily

Milazzo is easily reachable by train and bus from everywhere on the island. There are direct trains from Messina and the journey time is just 15 minutes.

From Palermo it’s just 2.5 hours to Milazzo by train.

The Milazzo ferry port is in the centre of the town a short bus ride from the train station and walking distance to most places.

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What to do on Stromboli

Swim in the Warm Waters Off the Volcano

There is a black, stony beach perfect for swimming and sunbathing, but it’s a good idea to have sandles as the pebbles can hurt to walk on. The volcanic beach is warm to the touch and the waters around the island are warmer than elsewhere in Italy thanks to the volcano.

Enjoy a Meal in one of the Many Restaurants on the Island

There are many restaurants on the seafront serving fresh Italian cuisine from seafood to pasta and pizza. Prices are higher than you would expect to pay on the mainland, but how many times are you going to have dinner on a live volcano?

Have a Drink in one of the Seafront Bars

Many of the restaurants double up as bars so it’s fine to pop in for a cold beer or glass of wine. What better place to enjoy a drink than overlooking the ocean with the volcano behind you?

Hike up the Volcano

It’s possible to hike part of the route on your own, but to get within view of the crater you will need to take a tour which includes safety equipment such as a helmet and headlamp.

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Facilities on Stromboli

Fishing Boats on Stromboli
Fishing Boats on Stromboli

The main village/small town by Porto di Stromboli has everything you could need for a stay on the island however long or short. There are souvenir shops, a small supermarket, bars, restaurants, hotels and apartments, and a tourist information office.

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Where to Stay on Stromboli

There are plenty of accommodation options for a stay on Stromboli. You’ll find rooms for budget travellers and many hotels and apartments to rest your head after climbing the volcano and exploring this unique island.

Budget: Case La Pergola

Mid range: Hotel Ossidiana

Luxury: Il Gabbiano Relais

Apartment: Apartment Mareblu


A trip to the live volcano on the ferry Milazzo Stromboli really is the trip of a lifetime. Hike and swim on a live volcano before enjoying a perfect Italian meal and glass of wine at one the seafront restaurants. As the sun sets watch the display as lava shoots from the crater high above.

My trip to Stromboli is certainly one I will never forget, and it makes a much more interesting trip than the usual tourist hotspots of Vesuvius and Etna. Book your ferry from Milazzo to Stromboli today!

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