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I created this adventure travel blog to recount stories from my travels and to assist others in doing likewise.
Want to know how to spend a day in North Korea or visit Dracula’s Castle? Read on.
The site also covers useful information on border crossings, visas and how to get a quote for Travel Insurance and much more. Check out my destinations page or blog for more.

About me


My first taste of independent travel came at the age of 21 when I booked a short flight up to Scotland to go hiking in my grandfather’s old stomping ground (the West Highlands).
This was around the time that budget airlines had just taken off (pun intended) and within a few years I was able to visit a host of European cities for sometimes no more than a few pennies.
Berlin, Dublin, Oslo, Rome, Seville, Tallinn and Zadar; all inexpensive and within easy reach.
For the next seven or eight years it was a great time for jet-setting around Europe but then the banking crisis happened and fares started to rise as well as all sorts of extra charges being levied against the passenger.


I started to look a bit further afield and travelled to Russia first in 2007 to Moscow and St Petersburg.
In 2009 I returned to Russia as I travelled overland from the UK to far-eastern Siberia to volunteer on the Great Baikal Trail; a hiking path surrounding the world’s largest freshwater lake.
It was after this extended trip that I decided I wanted to travel more and try and find a way to leave the rat race.


Fast forward to 2015 and I left everything I’d ever known behind to start a new chapter in China.
I spent seven months living in the sub-arctic city of Harbin, before moving to Luoyang on the central plains of China where I lived for five years.
In 2021 I moved south to Sanya on the tropical Island of Hainan where I stayed for six months living in complete paradise. But alas, all good things must come to an end and I was unable to renew my visa.
I moved to Hong Kong for two months but due to the pandemic and other problems the city is currently facing, decided to return to England.
In September 2022 I left England again and have been living life on the road, spending one month in a different coutntry. First Croatia, then Macedonia, Turkey and now I am in Armenia..




My Photographs

90% of the photographs on this blog were taken by me on my Nikon cameras (S2200 and D3400). Where I didn’t have a suitable picture I have used stock images. 
I now sell a selection of my photographs as stock images for other websites and news sites. If you would like a print, use the contact form above to send me a message.

Freelance Writing

As well as writing content for this blog, I also write articles for other travel websites and companies within the travel industry. If you would like to know my rates, please get in touch
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