Camping in Slovenia – All You Need to Know for 2024

Slovenia is a beautiful country located in Central Europe and the Balkans that has become a popular tourist destination over the past few years. It is a country known for its incredible landscapes including the European alps and the Mediterranean Coast.

The variety of scenic places to visit throughout Slovenia makes this the perfect destination to road trip, and make a few camping stops along the way.

In this article, we are going to go through everything you need to know about camping in Slovenia. That includes the best campsites in the country and some top tips for your adventure.

Is wild camping allowed in Slovenia?

Wild camping or free camping as it’s sometimes known is forbidden in Slovenia. It is also illegal to stay overnight on private property. Camping regulations in Slovenia are strict and ignoring these rules can result in a fine of up to 100€ ($112).

Many people choose to ignore the law, but it just isn’t worth the fine if you get caught. Although Slovenia may not allow wild camping, there are plenty of incredible places to camp in the country.

Where can you camp in Slovenia?

When it comes to camping in Slovenia, there are three main choices:

Camping in Slovenia
Camping in Slovenia

Official Campgrounds

There are plenty of official campgrounds found all across the country in Slovenia. They are classified into categories of one to five stars, based on the quality and number of amenities they have. Some have quite basic amenities like a toilet and shower, whilst others might have wifi, a kitchen or swimming pool.

Camper Stops

If you are travelling by campervan rather than camping, then staying at camper stops is the best way to go! They are basically car parking spaces where you are allowed to stay overnight for a very small fee or completely free if you’re lucky.

At some of these places, it’s even possible to fill up your water tank and connect to electricity etc. Sometimes farms and inns also allow camping, which gives you the opportunity to buy local products and have access to more amenities.

Glamping Sites

Glamping sites are the same principle as campgrounds but offer more luxury and unique accommodation. These sites will often be much more expensive than campsites. Many glamping tents will often come with a hot tub, shared swimming pool or activities included.

Do I need to book in advance?

Camping in the Mountains
Camping in the Mountains of Slovenia

If you are camping in Slovenia during the peak months of July and August it’s recommended to book your spot at a campground in advance.

However, camper stops can’t be booked in advance so unfortunately, it’s a first-come-first-serve basis. You will often find that camper stops only have a couple of parking stops, so it’s always best to be organised and get there early in the day. That’s especially the case if you are travelling in the summer.

The best campsites in Slovenia

When it comes to camping in Slovenia, there are many great spots to choose from. We will explore five of the best-rated campsites in Slovenia, and why they should be on your list.

Camping Lake Bled

Camping Bled is located around 150m from the beach of Slovenia’s most famous attraction – Lake Bled. This campsite has a lot of facilities including water and electric hookups, mobile home rentals and modern bathroom facilities.

To make for a more comfortable stay, Camping Bled has sun loungers that are available to rent. There is also a refurbished bar and a restaurant. Available activities here include basketball, badminton, table tennis, trampolines and beach volleyball. Click here to book.

Lake Bled, Slovenia
Lake Bled, Slovenia

Eco-Camping Koren, Kobarid

Camping Koren is located 500m from the nearby town of Kobarid and is set in a peaceful location. This campground is open all year long and offers a variety of amenities. Some of the many facilities found here include laundry, a mini shop, a bar and a children’s playground.

Some of the newer pitches also have access to electricity and water. The campground is situated perfectly for swimming in the nearby river, try your hand at kayaking or fishing. It is also a great starting point for many of the hikes located nearby.

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Camping Sobec, Lesce

Camping Sobec has a beautiful backdrop as it overlooks the Julian Alps and Caravanken. Many of the pitches here have access to water and electricity hook up. There are also recently renovated bathrooms and a laundry room. This campground also has a restaurant with a market and bar.

If you are interested in sporting activities this campground also has a football pitch, various sports courts, a climbing wall for children and rafting excursions. Aside from the facilities available, Camping Sobec is the perfect spot to take in the scenery and explore. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway with nature, then this is your place.

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Camping Menina, Rečica ob Savinji

Camping Menina is located within Savinjska valley, so is in the perfect spot for a relaxing getaway. Many of the camping pitches here have access to water and electricity, as well as heated bathroom blocks.

Some of the other amenities here include a restaurant, children’s playground, sports courts, mini-golf and a zip line. If you want more relaxation you can head to the Finnish sauna and have a massage too. If you are feeling adventurous, Camping Menina is the perfect spot to start hikes, go jogging or go swimming in the onsite lake.

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Camp Lucija, Portorož

Camp Lucija is located on the Seca Peninsula and offers plenty to campers and families. It is a modern campsite with a shop on site that caters to both campers and those with motorhomes. The camping spaces here have both water and electricity hook-ups, and there is a utility station located on-site for camper vans.

To add to the experience the beach is located nearby, and there are also tennis courts, volleyball and basketball courts for the perfect family experience. A mini-golf course and football pitch are also located close by.

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The Best Glamping Sites in Slovenia

Big Berry Glamping
Big Berry Glamping

If you aren’t travelling around Slovenia on a budget and prefer more comfort, you can choose to stay at one of the country’s many glamping sites. Although more expensive, these sites offer people a luxurious alternative to camping.

We are going to go through five of the best-rated glamping sites in Slovenia, and why they should be on your list.

Big Berry Luxury Lifestyle Resort, Bela Krajina

Big Berry is a resort on the Kolpa River in the Bela Krajina area of Slovenia. Here you can hire cabins that are situated in the perfect location with amazing views of the local nature.

Facilities include a hot tub, kayak and bicycle hire and a range of sports. Every day a handmade breakfast using local ingredients is delivered directly to your door.

Big Berry is located 100km from Slovenia’s capital Ljubljana.

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Herbal Glamping Resort, Ljubno

The Herbal Glamping Resort sits within a beautiful backdrop of pine trees. However, that’s not what makes it so impressive. This glamping resort offers luxurious canvas tents that sit around a sun deck, and an emerald pool – which is naturally cleaned by plants I might add.

The tents also have their own hot tubs, although one of the biggest sellers is their herbal restaurant. Here they use all the best organic ingredients, along with some tasty herbs and spices from their herbal gardens to make your dishes.

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Garden Village Glamping, Lake Bled

Garden Village Glamping is located on the shore of Lake Bled, which is quite possibly Slovenia’s most popular attraction. This site offers you the chance to stay in a variety of unique accommodations including glamping tents, pier tents and treehouses.

If you really want to splash the cash, you can also opt for a luxury family apartment. Aside from the stunning places to stay, you can hire e-bikes to explore the lake. Garden Village also has an outdoor pool and a firepit for those romantic evenings.

Kolpa Resort Glamping, Metlicka

Slovenia Clouds
Slovenia Clouds

Kolpa Resort Glamping not only has beautiful glamping tents to choose from; it’s also located in the Bela Krajina region of Slovenia. This region is known for its hiking trails, regional wine tasting and scenic views.

Once you have explored all this area has to offer, what’s better than coming back to your lavish glamping tent and relaxing to your heart’s content. The resort also has a chlorine-free bio swimming pool for you to lounge in and they have rental kayaks available if you are feeling adventurous.

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Nebesa Chalets, Kobarid

If you are looking for a luxury glamping experience in a beautiful location, with plenty of things to do – Nebesa Chalets is the one for you. These unique wooden houses provide you with panoramic views of Triglav National Park and the Soča valley.

If you manage to tear yourself away from the magnificent views, you can get involved with the other activities on offer. These include taking a daily sauna, pilates, yoga or having a Kneipp treatment. Nearby activities include hiking, biking, rafting and paragliding.

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Glamping Chateau Ramšak, Počehova

If you are wanting to splash some cash, then Glamping Chateau Ramšak is the spot for you. The glamping site is located within the wine region of Styria, and would you believe they have their own private vineyard.

These glamorous tents have a lot to offer with their own private terrace and hot tub, but it’s the experience that makes this spot so popular. Chateau Ramšak has its own wine cellar with the largest wine press in Europe, meaning you can taste wine to your heart’s content.

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Top tips for camping in Slovenia

Wilderness Camping
Wilderness Camping
  • If you travel to Slovenia during the shoulder season (rather than July & August) you will save money on your pitch costs.
  • Some of the more popular campgrounds are often booked up in advance. It’s best to plan out a route as soon as possible if you plan on travelling through Slovenia in the peak period.
  • If possible, hiring a car or even a campervan is the perfect way to see the country. It means you can stop off at scenic spots along the way, rather than see them out of your bus window.
  • Always prepare for bad weather no matter what time of year you are visiting. Depending on where you’re traveling in Slovenia (especially if you are located near the Alps), the weather can change pretty quickly due to the higher altitude.
  • Solar panels are a great way of charging your devices when out camping (and better than the old wind-up version I used in Siberia).
  • Make sure to pack waterproof clothing, sturdy and waterproof footwear, and extra layers to stay warm in case temperatures drop unexpectedly. Additionally, it’s a good idea to carry a tent heater to keep your tent warm, and a reliable rain poncho to stay dry during sudden rain showers.
  • Do not put your tent up under a tree. If it rains you will not be in for a good night’s sleep! This is also dangerous during storms due to lightning strikes and falling branches.
  • Don’t forget to take lots of photos of your adventure to share with your friends on Instagram. Use these captions to describe the moments you’ve captured in your camping pics.
  • Want to know how to get a good night’s sleep while camping? Read about how to stay warm in a tent!
  • For a better camping atmosphere, you can customize some personalized Neon Signs. Decorating your RV or tent can improve the quality of this camping trip.

The Best Time to Visit Slovenia for Camping

River in Slovenia
River in Slovenia

The most popular time to visit Slovenia is between the summer months of June and August. However, the popular sites can become very crowded at this time of year, which is why visiting between September to October is also a great time to visit.

The crowds are thinner, the temperatures are often still warm enough to swim and the Autumn colours are beautiful.

The majority of campgrounds in Slovenia are open from April-October when the weather is more favourable. There are some winter campgrounds that are available throughout the year, but you must be well prepared to do this.

Slovenia gets incredibly cold throughout the winter months and experiences a lot of snow. Unless you are travelling by campervan with a really good heating system, it isn’t recommended.

The weather in Slovenia

The weather in Slovenia can vary drastically throughout the year. The summers are warm, and the winters being very cold, experiencing lots of snow. The warmest month to visit Slovenia is generally July, with an average high temperature of 26°C.

The coldest month is January where temperatures can reach an average low of -3°C. The summer season in Slovenia lasts between June to September, whilst the cold season lasts from November to March.

Is Slovenia safe to visit?

Slovenia is considered to be incredibly safe for tourists. It is even thought of as the ‘safest country in Eastern Europe’. Violent crime is very rare and is currently decreasing in the city. The only thing to be mindful of when travelling Slovenia (like with any country) is petty crime such as pickpocketing and tourist scams.

Car break-ins and theft are also an issue within the country so make sure you park your vehicle somewhere secure where there is light and plenty of people around.


Camping in Slovenia is a great experience as there is such a variety of campgrounds and quirky accommodation available.

Whether you prefer to hike in the mountains, visit popular tourist attractions like Lake Bled or relax on the beach, there are campgrounds located all across the country to suit your needs. Do you have any plans of camping Slovenia in the future? If so, it would be awesome to hear where you are headed!

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