13 Amazing Things to do in Yerevan, Armenia in 2023

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Quick Breakdown of the Best Yerevan Tours

1. Yerevan Food and Walking Tour
2. Ararat Brandy Fatory Tour
3. Garni Temple & Kor Virap Tour

Best Places to Stay in Yerevan

1. Budget: Bonvenon Capsule Hostel
2. Mid-Range: 4Room Hotel
3. Luxury: Golden Palace Hotel

With its stunning architecture, rich history, delicious food, and friendly locals, Yerevan is a must-visit destination for any traveler. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best things to do in Yerevan to help you plan your trip.

Armenia‘s capital Yerevan is a beautiful and culturally rich destination that offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions to explore. I lived in Yerevan for three months in 2023 and loved exploring this laid-back, leafy city.

Yerevan has a European feel with lots of streetside cafes and restaurants, with an obvious Soviet influence from Armenia’s time as part of the USSR. The city is also perfectly situated for exploring the nearby mountains and monasteries that dot the land.

1. Visit Republic Square

Republic Square
Republic Square

Republic Square is the central hub of Yerevan and is a great place to start your tour of the city. The square is surrounded by beautiful pink tuff buildings and is home to the National Gallery and the History Museum of Armenia.

The square is also a popular spot for concerts and events, and in the summer, it is filled with outdoor cafes and street vendors.

2. Explore the Cascade Complex

Places to Visit in Yerevan - Cascade
Places to Visit in Yerevan – Cascade

The Cascade Complex is a giant staircase that leads up to Victory Park and offers stunning views of the city and Mount Ararat. Inside the complex is a series of escalators going to the top for those that don’t fancy the steps.

Along the way, visitors can admire numerous sculptures, fountains, and gardens. The complex is also home to the Cafesjian Center for the Arts, which showcases modern and contemporary art in a stunning setting.

Sunset is an excellent time to visit and witness the sweeping views of the city and Mount Ararat. There are numerous cafes, bars and restaurants with terraces located at the bottom of Cascade (and one of my favourites, the Green Bean is just around the corner).

3. Visit the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial

Dark Tourism Destinations
Eternal Flame at the Armenian Genocide Complex

The Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial is a sobering reminder of the tragic events that took place in Western Armenia (present-day Turkey) in the early 20th century.

The museum features exhibits and artifacts that document the genocide, as well as a memorial that honors the victims. It’s an important and emotional experience for visitors who want to learn more about Armenian history and pay their respects to those who were lost.

The museum is located on a hill overlooking Yerevan and includes a series of sculptures, an eternal flame and a museum with photographs and other exhibits charting the atrocities. Entrance is free.

4. Enjoy Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine is a delicious fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors, and there are plenty of great restaurants in Yerevan where you can sample traditional dishes. Some must-try dishes include khorovats (Armenian barbecue), dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and lavash (Armenian flatbread).

This 3.5-hour walking tour includes 6 stops at eateries where you can taste some classic Armenian dishes and drinks as well as taking in some of the top Yerevan tourist attractions such as the Cascade complex. The tour includes hotel pick-up and drop-off. Book today with Get Your Guide.

5. Visit the Matenadaran

The Matenadaran
The Matenadaran

The Matenadaran is a museum and research institute dedicated to the study of ancient Armenian manuscripts. It houses one of the largest collections of manuscripts in the world, with over 23,000 manuscripts and more than 5,000 printed books.

Visitors can take a guided tour of the museum and see some of the most beautiful and rare manuscripts, including the oldest surviving copy of the Armenian Bible.

6. Visit Victory Park

Mother Armenia
Mother Armenia

Victory Park is located on a hill above the city and is home to the Mother Armenia statue, some old soviet military vehicles and an amusement park with Ferris wheels and other rides ad attractions. The views of the city are fantastic, and on a clear day you can see out Ararat towering over Yerevan.

You can walk to Victory Park from the city centre by climbing the Cascade (or taking the elevators). Entrance to the park is free though you’ll need to pay for the rides.

7. Take a tour of the Ararat Brandy Factory

The Ararat Brandy Factory is one of Armenia’s most famous producers of brandy. Visitors can take a tour of the factory and learn about the history of brandy-making in Armenia, as well as sample some of the factory’s best products.

The tour includes a visit to the aging cellars, where visitors can see barrels of brandy that have been aging for decades. I’ve developed quite a taste for Ararat brandy and it certainly helped keep the cold at bay during my winter stay in the city.

And it seems I’m not the only one who’s partial to a sip, as Stalin is said to have gifted a bottle to Churhill at the Yalta Conference, and ever sine Winston ordered bottles every year as he liked it so much.

Take a one-hour tasting tour at the Ararat factory. Book today with Get Your Guide.

8. Visit the Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque
The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque, also known as the Mosque of Ali, is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture in Yerevan. It was built in the 18th century by Persian architect Mirak Mirza, and is named for its striking blue tiles. Although it is no longer used as a mosque, visitors can still admire its intricate details and learn about its history.

9. Explore Erebuni Fortress

Erebuni Fortress is an ancient citadel that was built in 782 BC by King Argishti I. It is considered the birthplace of Yerevan and is an important archaeological site. Visitors can explore the ruins of the fortress and learn about its history and significance.

10. Visit the Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre

Yerevan Opera House
Yerevan Opera House

The Armenian Opera and Ballet Theatre is a beautiful building located in the heart of Yerevan. The theater hosts a variety of performances, including operas, ballets, and concerts. Outside there is a large square and park popular with families, and an open-air ice skating rink in winter.

There are also lots of bars ad restaurants in the park next to the Theatre. Check the website to see what’s currently on.

11. Vernissage Market

The Vernissage Market is a sprawling outdoor bazaar that offers a wide variety of souvenirs, crafts, and other handmade goods. It’s the perfect place to find unique gifts and mementos to bring home from your trip to Yerevan. The market is open on weekends and holidays and attracts both locals and tourists.

12. Garni Temple

Garni Pagan Temple
Garni Pagan Temple

The Greco-Roman Garni Temple is one of the most impressive historical sights in Armenia ad oe of the best places to visit near Yerevan. The structure is over 2,000 years old and is the only surviving pre-Christain temple in the country.

It takes around half an hour to an hour to reach Garni from Yerevan depending on your mode of transport. I took a marshrutka which leaves from the bus station on Gai Avenue an it took about 40 minutes.

The temple overlooks Garni canyon and the views are mesmerizing. Be sure to also visit the nearby Symphony of Stones; large hexagonal columns stretch to impressive heights up the rock face. Book a Tour to Garni with Get Your Guide.

13. Echmiadzin & Svarnots Cathedral

I recently took this tour to some of Armenia’s holiest places just a short ride from Yerevan. The tour includes Echmiadzin Mother Cathedral which dates back to the fourth century and is one of the oldest Christian churches in the world.

The tour also takes in St. Echmiadzin, St. Hripsime’s Church and the personal highlight for me, the ruins of Zvartnots Temple (with majestic Mount Ararat in the background). The three-hour tour departs and returns to Yerevan City Centre (Republic Square). Click here to check availability or use the widget below.

14. Khor Virap

Khor Virap Monastery
Khor Virap Monastery and Mount Ararat

Ipressive Khor Virap is another of y favorite places to visit near Yerevan. This monastery sits on a hill 5 miles (8km) from the Turkish border and in the shadow of mighty Mount Ararat. Book with Get Your Guide.

Check out this Armenia itinerary for more things to do in this incredible country.

Getting To Yerevan

There are flights to and from European destinations including Greece, Bulgaria and Germany. Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport is just 9 miles (14km) from the city centre.

There are daily marshrutkas from Tbilisi in Georgia and the cost is 50 Lari ($20) and the journey time around six hours including the border crossing.

Getting Around Yerevan

Most central areas such as Cascade, the Opera House and Republic Square are within walking distance.

There is a one-line metro system for places farther afield. Buses and marshrutkas also cover the whole city but you’ll need to know which one to get for your destination.

You can hail taxis on the street but it’s cheaper to use an app. I use GG and most journeys within the city cost under 1,000 AMD ($2.60).

Places to Stay in Yerevan

Having lived in Yerevan for a few months I stayed at many of the city’s hostels and will tell you about the best ones (and leave out the ones that were not so good). Check out my guide to the best Yerevan Hostels.

Bonvenon (my top pick)

This is my favorite hostel in Yerevan. The beds are large and private with plug sockets and air conditioning. The hostel is kept clean by the friendly owner, Jack. Perfect location 5 minutes walk from Cascade and 10 minutes from Republic Square.

Check prices on Booking.com

Envoy Hostel

An excellent backpacker’s hostel in the center of the city five minutes from Cascade. There is a large common room and kitchen in the basement with desks and good wifi.

Check prices on Booking.com

Check prices on Hostelworld.com

Center Hostel

A pleasant hostel around the corner from Republic Square with helpful staff. There is also a one-bedroom private apartment downstairs which I rented for one night and was very comfortable.

Check prices on Booking.com

Check prices on Hostelworld.com

4Room Hotel

A pleasant ad relatively inexpensive hotel in central Yerevan. Rooms come with free WiFi, an en-suite bathroom and complimentary toiletries.

Check the price on Booking.com

Where to Eat in Yerevan

Mirzoyan Library

A friend took me to this amazing establishment after we took a tour to Echmiadzin and Svartnots Cathedral. You go in through a nondescript doorway in a large residential building and then it opens up into a huge courtyard with trees, plants and photographs (the owner is a professional photographer).

There are three levels so you can sit in the courtyard, or overlooking it, and there’s also plenty of space to sit inside upstairs or downstairs. It’s the perfect place to while away a lazy afternoon over coffee, a bottle of wine or a few cocktails.

There’s also a food menu with salads, pasta, shuarma and other hot and cold snacks. It’s not the cheapest place in the city, but it’s also not too expensive and the ambiance is well worth it. I’m going to make Mirzoyan a regular haunt as it’s also a great place to work from. Click here for directions.

Twelve Tables

This cozy little restaurant a five-minute walk from Cascade and Opera is run by my friend’s girlfriend. You wouldn’t necessarily know it’s a restaurant as there is a front-facing arts and crafts shop, but when you go through the back it opens up into two quaint dining rooms with, you guessed it, 12 tables.

The menu includes some tasty baguettes (I had ham, cheese, olives and mushroom, a large selection of salads, pastas and grilled meats. There’s also an extensive drinks menu from teas, coffees and fresh juices to beers, cocktails, and some excellent local wines (the Monte Noah was delicious).

It’s one of the more inexpensive cafe-restaurants in Yerevan and has a bohemian vibe without coming across as pretentious. I’ll definitely be going back (certainly for more of the wine). Click here for directions.

EVN Burger

Right next to Twelve Tables (literally) is Yerevan’s premiere burger joint (opened by Rudy who now runs Rock’n’Rolla). I’m not a massive burger guy, but I went here feeling slightly hungover one lunchtime and I have to say, it certainly hit the spot.

Choose from a mouthwatering selection of handmade burgers including the

*Disclaimer: Although some of the establishments are owned and run by friends and acquaintances, I didn’t receive anything for recommending them and they didn’t ask me to write reviews. However, if any of you are reading this and want to buy me a beer, I won’t say no… 😉

The Green Bean

Georgian Restaurant

Fast Food

There are lots of fast food places around Yerevan including KFC and Pizza Hut. However personally my favourite fast food here is shwarma or shaurma (meat and vegetables wrapped in traditional Armenian Lavash flatbread. You can get it all over the city, but Tumanyan Shuarma on Tumanyan Street is one of the best.

Bars and Pubs in Yerevan

There are lots of great bars in the city centre and the most popular include the Dargett Taproom (Dargett is the local craft beer brewery and they make an excellent pale ale), The Beatles Pub and the Irish Bar. My favorite though is Rock’n’Rolla which is owned by a friend of mine (shout out to my bro Rudolph).

Most bars in Yerevan are underground so can be easy to miss, but they usually have signs outside near the steps. Smoking is not permitted indoors.


The best bar in Yerevan with craft beers on tap (Dargett brews a special IPA for Rock’n’Rolla which can’t be found anywhere else) and there is an excellent cocktail menu. Fresh sandwiches and other bar snacks are available (I highly recommend the sandwiches) and the music is a mixture of hard rock and heavy metal.

See the location on Google maps

Dargett Taproom and Microbrewery

Home of Yerevan’s purveyors of premium craft beer, the Dargett Tap Room is a lively bar in the centre of the city that attracts a youngish crowd. As well as many excellent beers on tap, there is an extensive menu featuring burgers and other foods.

See the location on Google maps

The Beatles Pub

If you’re looking for a great selection of beers and an extensive menu including British classics, head to The Beatles Pub (they do an excellent Sunday roast). There are eight draught beers on tap, and over 200 whiskeys and they have live music on weekends.

See the location on Google maps

Conclusion – Is Yerevan Worth Visiting?

With so ay excellent things to do in Yerevan the city is definitely worth visiting. With sights, an attractions from the Opera House and Cascade to excellent bars and restaurants and some pretty amazing day trips, Yerevan should be high on the list of very traveller.

Check out these amazing day trips from Yerevan.

Dunhuang, Gobi Desert, China

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