Split to Mostar Bus (with 2023 Prices and Timetable)

If you’re looking to get to Mostar in Bosnia Herzegovina from Split in Croatia then below you’ll find everything you need to know about taking this incredibly scenic bus journey. The Split to Mostar Bus takes around five hours and the mountain and coastal scenery is immense.

After living in Croatia for one month (on the picturesque island of Zlarin), it was time for me to move south to Macedonia. I wanted to stop off in Mostar first which I had visited 12 years before.

As I travel without flying, I was thankful to find out that there is a bus from Split to Mostar which is inexpensive and incredibly scenic (and utterly hair-raising at points).

In fact, the route takes in one of the most dangerous roads in the world as it winds its way up a sheer cliff face almost one kilometre above the ocean.

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Dalmatian Coastline
The Road from Split to Mostar

Split Mostar Bus Timetable

There are three buses to Mostar from Split each day:

  • 07:30 – 12:10 (Flixbus/Globtour)
  • 09:30 – 14:00 (Centrotrans/Eurolines)
  • 17:30 – 21:00 (Flixbus/Globtour)*

*I took the 17:30 and it arrived in Mostar at 23:00 (see below about bus times in the Balkans). Although the most scenic part of the trip along the Croatian coast was in daylight, once we crossed the mountains towards Bosnia it was dark.

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How Long Does the Split Mostar Bus Take?

The journey takes around four to five hours depending on time spent at the border crossing.

How Much are Tickets for the split to Mostar Bus

Ticket prices start at €18.00 per person.

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Why Choose Flixbus

  • You don’t need to print your ticket
  • Free WiFi
  • Power Outlets
  • Comfortable Seats
  • Toilet on Board
  • Rest Stops

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How to Book Split to Mostar Tickets

Flixbus Split to Mostar
Flixbus Split to Mostar

I have been using Flixbus to travel across Europe for the last six months (Italy, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania and more) and I can’t recommend their service enough.

You can book the tickets online on the Flixbus website and your tickets will be emailed to you straight away.

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You can also book a tour or day trip from Split to Mostar.

Split Bus Station

I travelled from Sibenik to Split, but as my bus was an hour late I didn’t have any time to check out the city (the second time I’ve just passed through).

Split’s bus station is located across from the marina and ferry port a few minutes from the old town and Diocletian’s Palace.

Facilities at Split Bus Station

  • Tour Agencies
  • Ticket Office (bus and train)
  • Toilets (5 Kuna charge)
  • Left Luggage
  • Cafes
  • Supermarket

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About the Route from Split to Mostar

The bus follow route D512, one of Croatia’s most scenic roads.

There are seven stops along the route at some of the larger towns and at the border crossing between Croatia and Bosnia Herzegovina.

After stopping briefly at Makarska, the bus then hugs the coast as it gets higher and higher above the ocean. You’ll navigate some tight hairpin turns as the road goes up into the mountains with a sheer drop down below.

Towards the top of the pass you enter the scenic Biokovo Mountain National Park and head down to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Border Crossing

At the Croatian border, you need to exit the bus (without luggage) and go through passport control. On the Bosnian side the driver will collect your passports and take them to passport control while you wait on the bus. The whole process took around an hour to 90 minutes (with the bus around half full).

A Few Things to Be Aware of About Buses in the Balkans

Printing of Tickets

Many routes in the Balkans require you to print your bus ticket, including the route from Split to Mostar ( though FlixBus do not require you to print your tickets).

However, I couldn’t find anywhere to print my ticket (I asked in many of the travel agencies around the bus station, and in the ticket office itself).

Each time I just showed the ticket on my phone and the driver or driver’s mate begrudgingly accepted it (my only other option would have been to buy a new ticket but thankfully on the four or five journeys I didn’t need to do this).

Charge for Luggage

Even though luggage is included in the price when you buy your ticket online, you will always have to pay one or two Euros (or the equivalent in local currency) to store any large bags or cases in the hold.

This has been the same every time I have travelled by bus in the Balkans (2010, 2013 and 2022).


On my countless bus journeys in Croatia, Bosnia and beyond I found that the arrival times printed on the tickets are always wrong (which meant several missed connections).

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Things to do in Mostar

Stari Most Bridge
Stari Most Bridge

Mostar is packed with interesting places to see from the famous Stari Most (old bridge) to the old town, bazaar, Neretva River and more. Nearby attractions include the beautiful Kravice Waterfalls where you can cool off, the source of the Buna River at Blagaj and the small village of Pocitelj.

  • See the Famous Stari Most
  • Wander the Cobbled Streets of the Old Town
  • See the Quaint Crooked Bridge
  • Visit the War Museum
  • See the Old Front Line

Read my full guide to Mostar for more great things to do.

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Where to Stay in Mostar

Budget: Hostel Miran (I’ve stayed here twice, dorms and privates available for good prices)

Mid-range: Hotel Emen (a double or twin room located 500m from the city centre).

Luxury: Villa Cardak (a deluxe suite with a river view located 100 yards from Stari Most).

If you’re thinking of visiting Dubrovnik as well, check out this guide that compares Split or Dubrovnik so you can see which is right for you. There are buses to Mostar from both cities.


Taking the Split Mostar bus is definitely the best way to get from Croatia to Bosnia thanks to the incredible scenic views along the route. I’ve taken the bus from both Dubrovnik and Split, and the latter was definitely one of the most scenic bus journeys I’ve ever taken. Book your ticket today with Flixbus!

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