Travel Vlog Ideas – How to Make Travel Videos

In this article you’ll learn some tips and travel vlog ideas as well as how to make travel videos. Making videos of stunning destinations is a fantastic way to create memories, share an experience, and build an audience.

The footage you capture and how it’s assembled will impact the way it’s viewed and received.

Here are some practical tips to help you produce the best travel videos so viewers feel like they’re right there with you.

How to Make Travel Videos – Travel Vlog Ideas

Use Quick Cuts

Viewers prefer short videos. Even the most beautiful travel video loses its appeal after two minutes.

Keep the viewer engaged with quick cuts that show the highlights of your location. Learn how to cut a video with movie editing software and adjust your clips to 5-10 seconds.

Start your video with your best clip to create a hook that catches a viewer’s eye on social media and encourages them to stick around and see what’s next.

Film During Fringe Periods

My Travel Vlog of North Korea

Large crowds are one of the most frustrating aspects of capturing travel videos. Sharing the space with other travelers is distracting and often blocks the view.

One of the best ways to avoid crowds when traveling is to move and film during fringe periods. Get up early and travel to the site to film before the crowds show up.

If you get to your chosen destination around sunrise, you’ll be able to catch stunning videos with few tourist interruptions.

Traveling off-season is also beneficial when trying to capture footage. If the peak travel season in your destination is April to September, consider traveling in the last few weeks of March or early October. With this strategy, you still get decent weather and access without jostling for space in the crowds.

Get the Right Gear

Investing in the right equipment will also help you create outstanding videos while traveling.

You can make high-quality videos on a smartphone. However, a compact mirrorless camera is worth considering if your goal is professional content. Adding an external mic or BlueTooth mic is also beneficial if you intend to narrate your experience.

Stability is another essential consideration when capturing footage. Invest in a small tripod to avoid blurriness.

Drones are a popular way to create the perfect travel video and I have been using the DJI Mavic Mini 2. You can see below one of my travel videos. Check out my Youtube channel for more!

Drone Travel Video of Tropical Sanya in China

Capture the Culture

Always keep the audience in mind when creating travel videos. Most people who consume travel-related content want to see the destination, not the creator.

Rather than featuring yourself as the star of your travel videos, emphasize the culture instead. Focus on the locals, get out of the main tourist areas, and create a sense of realism for the viewer. Use this opportunity to learn about your destination and share your knowledge with captivating imagery.

Consider the Story

Consider what story you’re trying to tell your audience. What do you want the viewer to feel when they see your videos? The emotion will dictate what clips you highlight and which audio components you’ll feature.

For example, you may want to show the frenetic energy of Mumbai’s streets by using time lapses and upbeat music. Conversely, you might want to present the dreamlike quality of hang gliding in Switzerland using slow panning and soft instrumentals.

One of the challenges with travel videos is that they don’t typically have the essential components of a story: a beginning, middle, and end. You’ll have to get creative and string footage together in a meaningful way to create a narrative.

Create Your Signature Style

Travel Vlog Ideas
Travel Vlog Ideas

One of the best ways to strengthen your skills as a travel videographer is to watch a lot of travel videos. Note what other creators are doing. Consider what aspects you enjoy and what you’d do differently.

Create a signature style that acts as a common thread throughout your films. Photographers often have a noticeable brand or aesthetic that sets their images apart from the competition and makes them instantly recognizable. Filmmakers also create signature styles with their shooting and editing techniques.

Your signature style could include certain shooting angles, filters, or moods. Take some time to explore your craft and develop your travel video aesthetic.

Where to Post Your Travel Videos

Once you’ve created the perfect travel vlog, you’ll want to share it, but what are the best platforms to do this? Below are the top platforms for travel videos and vlogs:

  • Tiktok
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • Facebook
  • Your Blog

Final Words

Finally, don’t forget to be present and take in the view without a camera. Experience each adventure tourism destination in real-time and save some moments just for you. So, now you know how to make travel videos, it’s time to get stuck in!

Dunhuang, Gobi Desert, China

About the author:

Steve Rohan is a writer from Essex, England. He has traveled to over 60 countries, lived in Armenia, China and Hong Kong, and is now living the digital nomad life on the road.

Steve prefers “slow travel” and has covered much of the world by train, bus and boat. He has been interviewed multiple times by the BBC and recently featured in the documentary Scariest Places in the World. See the About page for more info.

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