Best Hostels in Brasov – 9 Amazing Places to Stay in 2023

I’m back in Brasov, Romania for the second time this year (and the third time overall) and so have put together this guide on the best hostels in Brasov based on all the different places I’ve stayed in the town.

Quick Look at the Best Brasov Hostels

Brasov is a wonderful town in Transylvania, Romania surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. It has one of the most picturesque old towns in Europe with hundreds of streetside cafes, traditional restaurants and pastel-coloured buildings.

There are lots of wonderful Brasov hostels to choose from, and I’ve put together this list based on my own stays, extensive research and online reviews (so it’s not just my word you have to take).

Useful Info: Most of the hostels in Brasov have a check-in time of 2 pm and a check-out time of 11 am. Prices range from €12 to €23 for a dorm bed.

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9 Best Hostels in Brasov

Below you’ll find a selection of the best Brasov hostels all located in or around the gorgeous old town. I’ve stayed at every one of these hostels recently so you can be sure you’re getting the most up-to-date info.

1. Centrum House Hostel


Address: Strada Republicii 58, Brașov 500030, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 727793169
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €14
Check-In From: 14:00
Check-Out By: 11:30

This is the first Brasov hostel I stayed at on my most recent trip and overall it was a good experience with a few gripes. The hostel has a perfect location on Strada Republicii in the middle of the old town. You only have to leave the door and you’re surrounded by cafes, bars and restaurants.

The dorm was large, bright and spacious and the bed was comfortable. I was told that none of the lockers were secure which was annoying as I was attending a music festival (Rockstadt) for my birthday and ended up having to leave my laptop and camera behind reception which wasn’t ideal.

I switched to a private room with shower for my last night which was large and comfortable, but a little overpriced at €50 (you can rent an apartment for €30 in Brasov).

There was a good vibe with lots of backpackers and a large common area at reception with sofas, free tea and coffee etc. There is also a balcony with a table and chairs for socialising outside.

I’d definitely stay here again if I didn’t need to work and hope they fix the lockers soon. That aside, in terms of atmosphere, location and price it’s definitely one of the best hostels in Brasov for backpackers.


  • Great atmosphere
  • Indoor and outdoor common areas
  • Perfect location (old town)


  • Seen better days (broken chairs etc)
  • No (working) lockers in the dorm
  • Noisy at night in summer

2. Secret Hostel

Secret Hostel
Secret Hostel

Address: Strada Alecu Russo 2C, Brașov 500020, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 739615040
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €23
Check-In From: 15:00
Check-Out By: 12:00

This is the hostel I stayed at in April this year after I finished filming for the Scariest Places in the World documentary at Bran Castle (I stayed at the Hotel Kolping during filming as it was on expenses).

This small boutique hostel is tucked down a small alley in the heart of the old town and a minute’s walk from the main square. This is definitely one of the best hostels in Brasov thanks to its modern furnishings, large beds with privacy curtains and large kitchen.

There is an electronic entry system with a keyfob, and the lockers are electronic as well and large enough to fit a backpack in. It’s a little small compared to some other Brasov hostels, but it’s cozy, clean and I enjoyed my stay here very much.

My only complaint is that there is no washing machine or laundry service, which is not ideal if you’re backpacking as there isn’t a laundrette nearby.


  • Clean
  • Modern
  • Good security
  • Perfect location (old town)
  • Later check-out than most


  • No washing machine
  • More expensive than most
  • Late check-in

3. Viva la Vida

Viva la Vida
Viva la Vida

Address: Strada Michael Weiss 13, Brașov 500031, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 726385122
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €13
Check-In From: 14:00
Check-Out By: 11:00

Viva la Vida is an Italian restaurant and hostel in Brasov that I had a meal at on my last visit and only twigged that it was a hostel too when checking in today. I’m happy to report that I can recommend both the restaurant and the hostel.

You must go to the restaurant to check in (fill out the usual form) and then you’ll be taken around the back and up the stairs to the two large, adjoining dormitories. There is keycode access so it’s safe, and lockers are provided with their own locks.

The large, open-plan dormitories are bright and airy with large windows, wooden flooring and new bunk beds. There is a small common area next to the dorm with beanbags and tables, and this is where the lockers are. There is also a small balcony with table.


  • Cheap
  • Very spacious dorms
  • Indoor and outdoor common areas
  • Perfect location in the heart of the old town
  • 10% off food and drinks at the restaurant


  • The toilet isn’t private (covered by just a shower curtain)
  • No plug sockets next to the beds
  • No kitchen

4. BED STAGE Hostel

Bed Stage Hostel

Address: Strada Republicii 8, Brașov 500030, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 744705977
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €16
Check-In From: 15:00
Check-Out By: 12:00

The check-in was a bit of a fiasco. No staff (seemingly) so found a number on the front door to call and then someone came. They sent messages to me via but nothing on email so I was just left trying to work out what to do.

However, upon being given a choice of upper or lower bunk, a key to a locker and then seeing the room, things took an upward turn. The dorm is stylish in a rustic sort of way with wooden flooring and exposed brickwork.

The beds are comfortable with privacy curtains, light, and a power source. Nice views from the window of Strada Republicii and there is a decent-sized work desk and chairs (that aren’t broken).


  • Large outdoor seating area
  • Perfect location in the heart of the old town
  • Later check-out than most
  • Air conditioning in dorms


  • Check-in was a mess
  • A little pricier than other nearby hostels
  • Late check-in time (3pm)
  • No kitchen

5. Zozo Hostel

Zozo Hostel Brasov
Zozo Hostel Brasov

Address: Strada Aurel Vlaicu 98, Brașov 500178, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 742074536
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €20
Cost of a Cabin (Double): €40
Check-In From: 14:00
Check-Out By: 10:00

Zozo is one of the more popular hostels in Brasov and also offers a stay ni rather unique cabins. It’s a little far from the old town (around 2 km) and pricier than staying more central, but it’s a nice hostel, clean and with a good atmosphere.

I stayed at Zozo on my last night in Brasov as it’s a two-minute walk from the railway station which is quite convenient, but if you want to hit all the bars and restaurants in the center it’s a bit of a walk (though Uber works well in Brasov).

I booked one of the cabins that sit at the back of the garden (there are five in total). It was small, but cozy and comfortable with a table and chairs outside. There are power sockets inside, heating and a small bedside table, but it was pretty basic.


  • Close to the station
  • Quirky
  • Large kitchen and common area
  • Outside seating


  • 2km (30 minute) walk to the old town
  • More expensive than hostels in the old town
  • Earliest check-out time in Brasov (10 am)

6. JugendStube Hostel

Hostels in Brasov

Address: Strada Michael Weiss 13, Brașov 500031, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: +40 771098322
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €19
Check-In From: 13:00
Check-Out By: 10:30

JugendStube Hostel is located right opposite Viva la Vida so again, perfect location among many of the best cafes and restaurants of the old town and less than a minute’s walk to the main square.

The hostel has clean and modern dorm rooms with hardwood floors, lockers, decent bathrooms. There is aa large common area for chilling out and a fully fitted kitchen (something not all of the Brasov hostels have).


  • Earliest check-in in Brasov
  • In the centre of the old town


  • Not the cheapest

7. Downtown Hostel

Address: Strada Castelului 60, Brașov 500014, Romania. Click here for directions.
Phone: N/A
Cost of a Dorm Bed: €13
Check-In From: 14:00
Check-Out By: 11:00

Downtown Hostel is just outside the old town but still no more than a minute or two walk, which means it’s more peaceful than some of the more centrally located places.

I checked in early and the staff were extremely accommodating, giving me the option of changing the bedding myself in order not to wait around for hours, which was fine. The guy also gave me some of his washing powder to clean my clothes (use of the washing machine is free too which is very rare).

The rooms are a little cramped with not much space, however the bed was comfortable, there are sockets by each bed and there is a small kitchen with fridge/freezer, microwave etc. There isn’t a common area as such (the kitchen has a couple of seats).

The bathroom seems to have been newly renovated and was spacious with male and female showers and toilets (though the sinks are unisex). It’s certainly not a party hostel, but excellent value for money given the location.


  • Newly refurbished bathrooms and showers
  • Excellent location close to Council Square
  • Washing machine free to use
  • Lockers and locks provided
  • Cheap


  • The kitchen has seen better days
  • Dorms quite cramped

Cheap Hotels and Apartments in Brasov

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to balance out dorm life with the odd hotel or apartment stay for a bit of peace and solitude every now and then. I punctuated my Brasov hostel stays with apartments and hotels to keep me sane. Here are my top picks

8. Residence Central Annapolis

Lovely spacious and bright room with traditional furnishings and an en-suite bathroom, desk, flatscreen TV and wardrobe.

The location is just perfect. Step out the door and in front of you is Piata Sfatului and the Black Church with the Brasov sign on the hill in the distance.

Breakfast is included in the price and is served at the next-door Bella Musica Restaurant (an excellent place for lunch or dinner too – read more below). So in terms of location, quality, comfort and price, in my humble opinion, it’s unbeatable.

9. Hotel Kolping

I stayed at the Hotel Kolping while I was attending filming for a documentary about dark tourism at Bran Castle. It’s a five to ten minute walk from the old town and the views of Brasov from the balconies are amazing.

There’s a good breakfast included and the rooms are modern and comfortable with flatscreen TV, minibar and en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower.

Things to Do in Brasov

Some of the top things to do in Brasov include:

  • Explore the charming old town
  • Take the cable car up to Panoramic Restaurant
  • See the Black Church
  • Take a day trip to Bran “Dracula” Castle

Check my other guides to Brasov for a lot more:

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Visiting Bran “Dracula” Castle from Brasov

Places to Eat and Drink in Brasov

Best Hostels in Brasov

You’ll not have to look far for a good meal at reasonable prices in Brasov and the square and streets around Piata Sfutului are chock full of restaurants. There’s everything from McDonalds and KFC to Italian, Mexican, and of course, traditional Transylvanian which you must try while here. Below are three

Bella Musica

Bella Musica has been a restaurant since at least the 14th Century and although the building has been renovated, it still retains many original and unique characteristics. It’s located just off Council Square opposite the Black church.

The menu comprises traditional Transylvanian dishes such as paprikash and goulash with a grill and Mexican. I paid 80 Lei (€16) for the paprikash (which was amazing), fresh lemonade, and a coffee, including tip/service.

Dracula Restaurant

Okay, it’s a bit kitsch and cheesy, but this old goth is a “sucker” for anything vampire-related. The food is high-quality and inexpensive with a decent-sized plate and a (generous) glass of wine costing around 70 €14.

My only complaint is that the goulash was off the menu and I’d really been looking forward to it. However, there are plenty of traditional Romanian dishes to be had, and the ones I choose (I ate here twice) were delicious.

La Ceaun

Goulash at La Ceaun in Brasov
Goulash at La Ceaun in Brasov

I’d been wanting to try out the food at La Ceaun for a while but it was always packed and with a big queue (a good sign I thought) and it’s usually listed as one of the top traditional Romanian/Transylvanian restaurants in Brasov.

Today I finally got a table (inside though). The goulash was good. More of soup consistency than a stew which is how it should be, but it was brought out within about a minute of me ordering, making me feel like I was in a fast food restaurant.

The food was tasty, the prices reasonable (66 for goulash, a side of pickles, bread and a glass of wine for 66), and the service good, but I’d say I preferred Bella Musica as it was a little more personal and my dish was not pre-prepared.

Viva La Vida

A pleasant Italian restaurant in the heart of the old town and associated with the hostel of the same name (if you stay at the hostel you get 10% off food and drinks). I ate here on my first visit to Brasov and again while I was staying at the hostel.

The menu has classic Italian dishes from bruschetta to pasta, salads and meat. There is inside and outside seating and it’s also a good place just to grab a coffee in the morning or cocktail in the evening.

Musik Cafe

This hip bar on Strada Republicii is a few steps from Centrum House Hostel and has a huge selection of beers, cocktails and spirits. It reminds me of the Ruin Pubs of Budapest with indoor and sheltered outdoor seating and interesting curios on the walls.

Dor de Bun

I came here back in April and had a delicious IPA which unfortunately they no longer have this time around. That being said, there is still more than plenty to choose from. Wednesday is Happy Hour with 30% off drinks. My favourite bar in Brasov.

Brasov Hostels FAQs

What’s the best hostel in Brasov?

In terms of location, price and atmosphere, Centrum House Hostel is the best hostel in Brasov. It’s located on the main street in the old town, has a great backpacker vibe and is one of the cheapest in town.

How much is a hostel in Brasov per night?

A hostel in Brasov costs between €12 and €23 for a dorm bed. Private rooms are available at some hostels and cost between €30 to €50.

Where can I book a hostel in Brasov?

You can book some of the hostels in Brasov on Hostelworld, though not all are on there. is also another great place to book some of the best hostels in Brasov.

Are hostels cheaper than hotels?

In most cases hostels are cheaper than hotels. Another option is to rent an apartment in Brasov, many of which are available on (I stayed at an apartment for one night).

Final Thoughts

Now you know about the best hostels in Brasov, which one will you pick (hint, it should definitely be Centrum House or Secret Boutique). Brasov is a fantastic destination with so much to see and do and plenty of cheap places to stay for backpackers and budget travellers.

I’m sure I’ll be back at some point for a fourth visit. So, what are you waiting for? Click here to book on Hostelworld, and here for Booking.

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