How To Spend a Weekend in London 2024

London is one of the most incredible destinations to visit in the world, and if you’re planning to spend an entire weekend here, you’re in for a treat. The capital city is home to many iconic European architecture and historic cultural destinations for theatre, sports, shopping, and music lovers.

There’s so much to fill your time with when visiting London it is hard to see everything in a single weekend, which is why so many people make the return voyage every year.

One of the main plus points about the attractions in London is that many of them are completely free, so despite the considerable exchange rate, there are lots of ways that you can save money and budget during a weekend stay in London.

One of the main drawbacks synonymous with London is the typically British weather, but don’t let this deter you. There are lots of activities you can indulge in indoors, such as the world-famous museums — of which there are plenty. Public transport is fantastic in London, allowing you to visit all of the main attractions and iconic landmarks in a single weekend.

Whether you’re a sports fan, theatre-goer, foodie, or love the party lifestyle, there is something for everyone in London, with lots to love about this amazing capital city. Here is how you could spend a weekend in London in 2023.

Weekend in London
Weekend in London

Finding a Place To Stay

If you’re only staying for a single weekend, you will want to stay somewhere relatively central in London to try and minimise your travel time the best you can. If you have travelled via private jet charter, you may want to continue the lavash lifestyle and find a place that offers a little more in terms of luxury, while for those who are looking for a budget trip, there are many options available.

London is sprawling — with many attractions spread across the city — so it is essential to know what you want to see and do, then try deciphering the most appropriate neighbourhood to rest your head each night. There are many neighbourhoods across London, so figuring out which one cuts down your travel time the most.

For first-timers in the city, one of the most ideal neighbourhoods is Covent Garden. It’s located close to some of the top attractions in London and offers excellent dining options, cultural activities, and scenic views.

Public transport can be found at every corner of Covent Garden, while you can also comfortably spend your day walking around and discovering the small side streets and perhaps stumble upon a hidden gem.

Another great location to stay in is Soho, especially if you love the party lifestyle. If you’re looking to save some cash and are travelling with a sizeable group, there are many cottages on the city’s outskirts with close transport links right in the most central locations.

How To Travel

Despite the city’s sheer size, London is easy to navigate, with many main attractions near one another, giving you a real feel of the city walking from place to place. This being said, if you need them, there are many public transport options at your disposal.

The London Underground, tram link, buses, railway, river, or overground services are all available. You can get where you want fast, thanks to these many options. It is pretty expensive to get around London by public transport. Make sure you check if single or weekend tickets will be cheaper, depending on your plans.

A single ticket is your best bet if most of your time is spent walking around and occasionally taking a tram or train. Alternatively, if your itinerary requires a lot of public transport, consider an Oyster Card, which you can load with money and use on every type of public transportation in London.

London Underground
London Underground

What To Eat

Undeservedly and outdatedly, British food has a pretty bad reputation. The London culinary scene is one of the most diverse and cutting-edge in the world, as you will see for yourself. Moreover, London is multi-cultural and diverse, meaning you can find any type of cuisine there.

There are so many options, it’s impossible to choose just one! Some of the top destinations for food across the city include:

  • Borough Market
  • Bob Bob Ricard
  • Brick Lane’s Sunday Upmarket
  • The Rubens at the Palace Hotel.

What To Do

When it comes to London, theatre is one of the must-do attractions. There are many to choose from, all with their own history and individual recognition. Some of the most popular include the Apollo Victoria Theatre, the O2 Academy Brixton, the English National Opera, and the West End Theatre.

Some of these fantastic theatres date back to the early 1900s and have been home to some of history’s most prominent theatre stars.

If you’re looking for an active trip in your time in London, there are a lot of sporting opportunities to indulge in, such as playing tennis in Regents Park or catching a game at Wembley Stadium.

No trip to London is complete without a visit to Buckingham Palace. Home to the royals of Britain — with King Charles III currently residing there — this palace symbolises royalty and opulence.

You can watch the traditional changing of the guard each day at 11 a.m. — a long-standing practice of the British royal. If you have a little more time on your hands, there are guided tours that will give you a deeper dive into the palace’s history and the many artefacts the palace has acquired through the years.

This is arguably England’s most important landmark, making it a must-see destination.

The Streets of London
The Streets of London

Final Thoughts

London is a massive city with something for everyone to see, do, and enjoy. A single weekend may not be enough to indulge in everything that London has to offer, but following these few steps will put you in good stead to ensure that your weekend in London is the best it can be.

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