China Trivia Questions – Play Our Fun China Travel Quiz

China Trivia Questions

Have a go at our fun new China Travel Quiz and see if you can answer all 15 China trivia questions!

Do you know your Zhangye from your Zhangjiajie? How about Gansu from Guilin? The difference between the Shaolin Temple and the Lama Temple? Test your knowledge of Chinese landmarks with our fun new quiz!

China Trivia Questions

China Travel Quiz

Test your knowledge of China with this fun China Travel Quiz!

How did you do with our China trivia questions? Share the results with your friends!

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The Middle Kingdom

China is a vast land with varied landscapes and a history dating back over five thousand years. This blog features many articles on China, as the author lived there for over six years and travelled the country extensively. Check the China page to discover this enchanting land.

China Highlights

The Great Wall of China

The Forbidden Palace


Chengdu Panda Base

West Lake, Hangzhou

The Shaolin Temple, Luoyang

Sanya, Hainan Island

Harbin Ice and Snow World

Steve Rohan

About the author: Steve Rohan, originally from England, has lived in China for over six years. He has lived in the frozen city of Harbin, the ancient capital of Luoyang, the tropical paradise of Sanya and Hong Kong.

He has travelled extensively across Europe and Asia, mostly by train, and has written about his travels for this blog as well as self-publishing his first book, Siberian Odyssey.

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