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20 Incredible Turkey Landmarks to Discover in 2023

Having visited Turkey on five occasions, including a recent two-month backpacking trip around the country, [...]


12 Amazing Things to do in Van, Turkey in 2023

Are you looking for things to do in Van, Turkey? Then this is the post [...]

10 Best Things to do in Erzurum, Turkey in 2023

Erzurum is Turkey‘s highest city at 6,200 feet above sea level and located in the [...]

How to Take the Istanbul Bosphorus Ferry from Europe to Asia

The Bosphorus Strait is an important waterway in Istanbul connecting the Black Sea to the [...]

Backpacking Turkey – Ultimate Budget Travel Guide for 2023

Turkey is a fantastic destination for adventurous travellers looking to discover more than just the [...]

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Is Turkey Safe to Visit (How Safe is Turkey for Travellers)

After spending a few months living in Turkey before, during and after some pretty major [...]

15 Incredible Things to do in Diyarbakir, Turkey in 2023

Diyarbakir is a city in southeast Turkey and home to the country’s largest Kurdish population. [...]

Kos to Bodrum Ferry (All You Need to Know in 2023)

Time to read: 5 minutes Thinking of taking the ferry from Greece to Turkey? In [...]

15 Amazing Things to do in Mardin, Turkey in 2023

Mardin is a city in the far southeast of Turkey built onto a rocky outcrop [...]


Diyarbakir to Erbil Bus and the Ibrahim Khalil Border Crossing

If you’re looking to get to Iraq from Turkey one of the easiest ways is [...]

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London to Baghdad by Car – Travelling to Iraq the long way

My grandfathers's journey driving from London to Baghdad. [...]

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Travelling the Silk Road London to China – A Guide for 2023

How to travel from England (UK) to China along the old Silk Road. [...]