The Best Things to do in Georgia (Country) in 2024

In this article we will discover the best things to do in Georgia, the small Caucasus country at a crossroads of Europe and Asia.

Georgia, a petite nation in the Caucasian region of Eurasia, has some of the best outdoor activities and beautiful scenery to offer tourists despite it being obscure on the global tourism stage.

If you are unsure of Georgia’s precise location on the map, it is situated between Europe and Asia and is bordered by the Black Sea on the west, and has Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, and Armenia and Turkey to the south. Being one of the Silk Road destinations, the place has been influenced by numerous cultures.

Georgia offers a variety of activities, from hiking and exploring the countryside to visiting the capital city of Tbilisi and all of its historical and cultural attractions. Here are some of the bestthings to do in Georgia country for wanderlusts.

Top Things to do in Georgia Country

Visit the Capital City – Tbilisi

Things to do in Georgia (country) – Tbilisi

Tbilisi has the allure of a bygone era. It is located along the Mtkvari River’s banks and is flanked by magnificent mountain ranges.

The city is home to beautiful mansions, magnificent cathedrals, rustic bridges, and quaint stone alleyways with delightful river vistas and medieval charms.

A stroll through the city is quite fascinating. Take the cable car to Narikala Fortress to fully enjoy the splendour of this township. Georgia package is incomplete without a visit to this charming city.

Explore the Countryside

Explore the countryside
Explore the Countryside

If hiking and trekking are your idea of a fun outdoor experience, you are sure to be fascinated by Georgia’s stunning landscapes. Georgia has some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the Caucasus.

The varied alpine terrain also includes numerous hidden gems that can be found on a hiking and trekking excursion. Go to Vardzia, a UNESCO-listed 12th-century cave monastery in South Georgia that is located on the slopes of the Erusheti Mountain in what looks like a mystical setting.

The David Gareja Monastery is another stunning Georgian tourist destination to visit on a hiking excursion. Other sites in Georgia to explore on a hiking vacation are Kazbegi, Mestia, Chaukhi Pass, and Black Rock Lake.

Explore the Coastal Town of Batumi


This seaside city is the ideal location to experience the peaceful vibes of the Black Sea. For beach lovers and those seeking a peaceful getaway from their everyday life, exploring Batumi is one of the top things to do in Georgia country.

This stunning beach town is well known for its lovely relaxation and a variety of beach resorts. It is bordered by warm, blue waves on one side and a lush, green landscape on the other. Batumi is an ideal place to enjoy living a less complicated, more fulfilling life.

Spend Some Time in the Vineyards of Kakheti


Located in the east of Georgia, Kakheti is tagged as the cradle of Georgian wine. The region is sheathed in rolling vineyards and has a history of making wine that dates back to 6000 BC.

Even today, the region is famous for its traditional wine-making techniques using clay pots known as qvevri which gives the wine its distinct flavour and aroma.

If possible, visit the region during the Rtveli Harvest Holiday when the place comes alive with festival vibes and has grand wine-making events to witness.

You can also take a wine tour that lets you taste some of the best wines in the region, and gives you an insight into the culture and the winemaking history followed by a traditional Georgian lunch.

Visiting Kakheti is definitely one of the best things to do in the country of Georgia for wine lovers.

Indulge in Some Delicious Georgian Cuisine and Wine

Georgian Wine
Georgian Wine

A foodie’s paradise, Georgia offers a wide variety of regional specialties. The country’s cuisine incorporates elements from both Eastern Europe and the Middle East, as well as other Silk Road countries.

On your trip, you should savour some regional specialties like Khinkali, Khachapuri, and Lobiani which are some of the nation’s most popular main dishes. The majority of visitors are amazed by how inexpensive the food is in restaurants, fast-food restaurants, and local shops.

Tbilisi is the ideal location to sample a wide range of Georgian cuisine, including traditional meals as well as dishes with modern twists. If you are craving seafood, head to Batumi, where you can get a fantastic selection of meals created with the day’s freshest catch.

If you are not sure what to eat, take a food tour that will take you through the best cuisine Georgia has to offer.

Georgia is also famed around the world for its wines and you should definitely give them a try when visiting.

If you’re looking for things to do in the US state of Georgia, check out this guide to places to go in Georgia for the weekend.

Tips for First-Time Travellers

The weather is one of the most important factors to take into account while making travel plans to Georgia. It is ideal to visit Georgia in the spring or the autumn when the temperature is just right for outdoor activities and neither too hot nor too chilly.

The majority of events take place during the fall season, which runs from September through October. Although the winters in high-altitude, alpine environments can be quite cold, they are perfect if you are seeking for winter vacations that include some adventure sports.

Georgia’s terrain is incredibly diverse, therefore depending on where you go, the weather might be very different. Always do your research before venturing out.

Though English is widely spoken, it is best to learn some Russian and Georgian words to bridge the linguistic gap. It is also one of the best approaches to get the attention of the locals and receive their warm, kind assistance.

If you are on a tight budget, consider using public transportation instead of renting a car. Georgia is extremely affordable compared to other European nations, however, if you absolutely must have a private car for your trips, be sure to add a little extra to your Georgia travel budget.

How to Get to Georgia

There is a daily bus to Tbilisi from Istanbul in Turkey. The journey time is 30 hours and cost is €25.00. It’s possible to take a train but you will need to change in Ankara.

There is a daily overnight train between Tbilisi and Baku in Azerbaijan. The trip takes around 12 hours and costs from €40.00.


Georgia is a gem of a destination and you can enjoy something rustic, historical, and culturally beautiful while visiting. It is a land of spectacular landscapes, medieval fortresses and monasteries, verdant hills, deep caverns, and pristine beaches.

A trip to Georgia would be a welcome diversion from the typically marketed destinations in Europe and Asia. It is a stunning location that all globetrotters should see at least once in their lives.

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