Looking to get to Sanya by train? Look no further than this complete guide to the Guangzhou to Sanya train which includes all the information you will need to make this journey.

Sanya is one of the hottest destinations in China (literally and metaphorically) and is the perfect place to beat those winter blues. It’s easier than you may think to reach the island of Hainan by train!

How long does the Guangzhou tp Sanya Train Take?

The journey time is 15 to 16 hours.

How much are tickets for the Guangzhou to Sanya train?

¥210 ($32) Hard seat, ¥388.50 ($60) hard sleeper and ¥590.50 ($91) for a soft sleeper.

How can I book tickets for the Guangzhou to Sanya Train?

You can book online at Trip.com, in person at any station or ticketing office in China.

How does the train reach Hainan Island?

When the train arrives at Hai’an port, the carriages are loaded onto a ferry. You stay on board the train for the short crossing.

How to buy tickets for the Guangzhou to Sanya Train

There are three main ways to buy train tickets in China:

  1. At any railway station in China
  2. At any China Railways ticket office
  3. Book online with Trip.com

You can buy tickets for the Guangzhou to Sanya train at any railway station ticket office. Be aware that the staff are unlikely to speak English so have a note of the train number, date, time and class written down.

You can find China Railway ticket offices on many streets in China’s towns and cities. As with at railway stations, it’s even less likely to find English-speaking staff, so again, have a note of the particulars of the train journey you wish to book. A fee of ¥5 ($0.80) is charged per ticket.

The easiest way to get any ticket for a train in China is through the Trip.com website or app. Everything is in English and booking takes just a few minutes. You will be issued an electronic ticket meaning you will not need to queue separately before entering the station, saving a lot of time. Trip charges a ¥30 ($4.60) booking fee.

To book, visit Trip.com, select “Trains“, then “China“. and simply select the date you want to travel, choose the train and seat type and make payment (you can pay in a number of ways including credit/debit card, Paypal and Wechat).

Ticket Prices for the Guangzhou to Sanya Train

The Guangzhou to Sanya Train is a sleeper with three classes of seats (or beds);

  • Hard seat ¥210.50 ($32.50)
  • Hard sleeper ¥388.50 ($60.00)
  • Soft Sleeper ¥590.50 ($91.00)

Unless you are on a super-tight budget, don’t get a hard seat. They are uncomfortable and the carriages are always packed.

Hard sleeper is the option I always use and gives you a bed in a six-berth, open plan cabin. Perfectly comfortable for this trip.

If you want a little more luxury/privacy then a soft sleeper will provide you a bed in a four-berth cabin with a locking door.

Facilities on board the Sanya to Guangzhou Train

The train has a restaurant car, toilets that are kept relatively clean (one western-style sit down and one squat at each end of the carriage, and hot water for drinking/making noodles.

Guangzhou to Sanya Train Timetable

There are two trains per day departing Guangzhou for Sanya. Both leave from Guangzhou Railway Station. The early train takes 15h3m and the later one 16h10m.

Gaungzhou to Sanya

Guangzhou Railway StationSanya Railway StationDuration

Sanya to Guangzhou

Sanya Railway StationGuangzhou Railway StationDuration

About the crossing

Train to Sanya
The Guangzhou to Sanya train is loaded onto a ferry. Photo credit News.cn

When the train reaches Hai’an, the carriages will be shunted onto a waiting ferry. The process including the crossing takes around one hour. During this time passengers must remain on the train.

In the event of an emergency, the doors to the train will be opened and passengers should make their way to the muster stations to collect a lifejacket, before exiting the ship.

*The Guanzhou to Sanya Train is included in our list of the 15 most scenic train journeys in the world!*

Sanya Accomodation

Looking for places to stay in Sanya? Below are two recommendations of places that I stayed in.


Sanya Backpackers Hostel

I stayed here for a week in January 2021. It was an excellent hostel with friendly and helpful staff, clean rooms and an attached bar with cheap drinks and pool table. The location at Dadonghai is perfect, with the beach, restaurants and bars a few hundred metres away. Dorms from ¥70 and single room from ¥200.

Serviced Apartment

Yuejia Sea Apartment (Phoenix Island)

I booked into a serviced apartment (like a hotel, but you get a small kitchenette, washing machine etc). The complex on Phoenix island includes a pool, supermarket, rooftop bar and restaurant for guests to use.

The location is perfect with Sanya Bay a few minutes away. You can hire an e-bike (¥50 per day) or use the free shuttle service to make the short trip to the beach/city, which is also within walking distance.

Things to do in Sanya

Check out some of these top attractions in Sanya.


Sanya Bay


Yalong Bay


Linchunling Forest Park

Yanoda Rainforest Park

Yalong Bay Tropical Park


Wouzhizhou Island

West Island

Monkey Island

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Steve Rohan

About the author: Steve Rohan, originally from England, has lived in China for over six years. He has lived in the frozen city of Harbin, the ancient capital of Luoyang and now resides in the tropical paradise of Sanya on Hainan Island.

He has travelled extensively across Europe and Asia, mostly by train, and has written about his travels for this blog as well as self-publishing his first book, Siberian Odyssey.


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