If you are bored at home, then why not test your travel knowledge with these fun geography quiz questions. How well do you know famous landmarks, world capitals, flags and country outlines? Play the game and find out!

Do you know your Iran from Iraq, your Paraguay from Uruguay and your Lithuania from latvia?

Each month we will bring you a new quiz to play. Share with family and friends to see who comes out on top! A great way to pass time and educational too!

So, are you ready to answer these geography quiz questions? Are you a Marco Polo or a Donald Trump? Have you got the skills to get them all right? Let’s find out…

Geography Quiz Questions


What is Europe's newest country?

Geography Quiz Question 1
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What was the American hiking trail popularized by Bill Byson in 'A Walk in the Woods'?

Geography Quiz Question 2
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What is the largest country in Europe?

Geography Quiz Question 3
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Where is Yanar Dag (Fire Mountain)?

Geography Quiz Question 4
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Scanderbeg is a national hero in which country?

Geography Quiz Question 5
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What is the largest body of fresh water on earth?

Geography Quiz Question 6
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What is the most sparcely populated country or territory in the world?

Geography Quiz Question 7
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What is the capital of Venezuela?

Geography Quiz Question 8
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Where is the Gobi Desert?

Geography Quiz Question 9
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Where would you find the Daintree Rainforest?

Geography Quiz Question 10
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Where is the Ross Ice Shelf?

Geography Quiz Question 11
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This is the flag of which country?

Geography Quiz Question 12
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What is the capital of Uganda?

Geography Quiz Question 13
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The Timurid Empire ruled from which country?

Geography Quiz Question 14
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Where is this?

Geography Quiz Question 15
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Where is the volcano Sakurajima?

Geography Quiz Question 16
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This city is famous for its marble and spotless, empty streets.

Geography Quiz Question 17
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What two countries make up this island?

Geography Quiz Question 18
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Which city sits across from Helsinki on the Gulf of Finland?

Geography Quiz Question 19
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Where is Milford Sound?

Geography Quiz Question 20
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Geography Quiz Questions


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