Croatia is a country on the Balkan Peninsula that formed part of the former Yugoslavia and gained independence in 1991 after a bloody war.
It sits on the Balkan Peninsula and borders Bosnia Herzegovina, Hungary, Montenegro, Serbia and Slovenia. It sits across from Italy on the Adriatic coast.
The country is famed for its stunning Dalmatian coastline, charming old towns, waterfalls and national parks and many islands. I’ve been visiting Croatia for over 10 years and lived for a few months on the tiny island of Zlarin recently.
There’s lots to do from hiking and biking to boat trips, cruises, enjoying fresh seafood and exploring some of Europe’s prettiest old towns.

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Things to do in Sibenik

Zlarin Island

Beautiful Places in Croatia

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Dubrovnik, Most Beautiful Cities in Croatia


Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia thanks its charming old town on the shores of the Adriatic. As such it can get overrun with tourists in sumemr so I advise heading to one of the lesser known, but no less impressive towns or cities.

Places to Visit in Sibenik


Sibenik is a beautiful city about halfway between Zadar and Split. It’s the closest large settlement to the stunning Krka National Park and is also worth spending a few days discoveing thanks to its beautiful old town.

Split, On of the Most Beautiful Places in Croatia


Split is another popular holiday town in southern Croatia and is famed as the home of Roman emperor Diocletian. You can walk around the ruins of his former palace in the centre of the city as well as exploring the coast and nearby islands.



Zadar was the first place I ever visited in Croatia and remains one of my favourites. Wander around the cobbled streets of its old town, witness the incredible sea organ, and explore nearby beaches.

Zagreb Croatia


Zagreb is Croatia’s relaxed capital in the north and away from the coast. It makes a great base for exploring and is definitely worth spending a few days. The Museum of Broken Relationships is one of its more quirky attractions.

How to Get to Croatia

By Air

It’s easy to reach Croatia by air with flights to airports across the region including Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar. has some of the best deals on flights to Scotland.

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By Train

There are international trains to Croatia from some neighbouring countries including Serbia and Slovenia.You can read more about international train travel to and from Croatia on the excellent Seat61 website.

By Bus

I’ve travelled form London to Croatia by bus twice now. Tickets are cheap, it’s (relatively) comfortable and the journey is very scenic.

You can book tickets to Zagreb with Flixbus which is the service I always use when travelling around Europe. Click here to book your ticket.

Click here to read how to get from Bosnia to Croatia by bus.

By Sea

There are daily ferries from Ancona in Italy to Split and I did this journey recently. It takes around 9 hours and it’s a great way to arrive with stunning views of the coastline and islands.

Click here to read about the ferry from Ancona to Split.

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