In this article, we will discover the best water filter bottle for travelling. Every veteran adventurer and determined backpacker knows the value of a proper water bottle with filter for travel.

No matter if you are trekking through the humid tropical jungles of Asia or exploring the vast urban metropolis of Los Angeles or London, a reliable filtered water bottle is the number one accessory that every global explorer should have.

Whenever and wherever you travel, you will be exposed to a variety of different water sources that are sourced and treated in a vast array of unique ways.

Whether from a rural creek spring or the treated tap water of an enormous city, your body will not be accustomed to the water in different parts of the world.

This is where a filtered water bottle can be an absolute lifesaver as they help remove microbiological contaminants and reduce chemical concentrations in water, making the water you drink purer and healthier.

With the right filtered water bottle, you will be able to cut down on daily travel costs and reduce plastic waste, which is why we have put together this list of the best water filter bottle for travelling.

These water bottles are perfect for hiking or everyday backpacking and include a variety of features to help keep your water pure and refreshing no matter where you travel.

What are Some of the Best Water Filter Bottles for Travelling?

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Nalgene OG Water Bottle with Filter

The Nalgene OG water bottle is one of the best water filter bottle travel options available as it comes in a variety of sizes while its organic coconut shell-based carbon fibre mesh filter is eco-friendly and BPA-free.

• The Epic replaceable filters last for a guaranteed four months and works to remove bacteria, chlorine, lead and pesticide contaminants from water.
• The sturdy integrated carry loop allows for easy transport while the silicone mouthpiece keeps the bottle germ-free.
• You can also purchase with confidence thanks to Nalgene’s lifetime guarantee, meaning if it isn’t perfect, you can send it back.

The Nalgene OG bottle is one of the best backpacking water bottle options available thanks to its epic filter design, easy carry loop and great range of sizes.

The convenient size and resilient design of the replaceable Epic filter is also one of the best water filters for travel, especially for eco-minded travellers.

Apuppcvd Filter Water Bottle

One of the best water bottles for hiking thanks to its array of valuable features, the Apuppcvd filtered water bottle is mobile, reliable and BPA-free.

• Includes unique features such as a carabiner clip, dust guard and a built-in compass, making it the perfect accessory for any hiking enthusiast.
• Made of Tritan material, it doesn’t contain BPA and is shatter resistant, guaranteeing you a bottle that will last.
• The advanced purification system can remove up to 99% of impurities from water, including chlorine, micro-plastics, metals, and harmful bacteria.

The Apuppcvd water bottle is the perfect allrounder for hikers and travellers thanks to its impressive array of features and its 4-stage filtration system.

The bottles ability to filter water from the majority of sources is why it is one of our best water filter bottle for travelling.

UVBrite Go Self-Cleaning UV Water Bottle

The UVBrite water bottle uses the newest and best UV water filter technology to eliminate up to 99% of microorganisms. Constructed from food-grade BPA-free stainless steel the UVBrite bottle is stylish and durable.

• Features a two-stage sterilisation mode to ensure that water from the majority of sources can be sterilised while also working as a self-cleaning function.
• The double-walled vacuum-sealed cap provides insulation, ensuring you can keep water hot or cold for up to 12 hours.
• Includes a safety lock on the cap to prevent accidental exposure to UV light as well as working to prevent leaks when travelling.

The advanced purification system and sleek minimalist design of the UVBrite water bottle make it by far one of the most advanced entries on our list of the best water filter bottle for travelling.

LifeStraw® Go Water Bottle with Filter (the best water filter bottle for travelling)

A leading brand in filtration innovation, LifeStraw creates some of the best filtered water bottles in the world. Using an advanced filter design that is long-lasting and durable, the LifeStraw Go water bottle is the perfect accessory for travellers on the move.

• The two-stage membrane and carbon filter system eliminates 99% of parasites, microplastics and chemical contaminants.
• The membrane microfilter filters up to 1,000 gallons of water, meaning you will spend less time and money constantly replacing filters.
• The durable plastic exterior is BPA free but treated to remain lightweight for easy transportation.

LifeStraw not only provides fantastic filtered water bottles that remove nearly all water-based contaminants but every product purchased also ensures that a child in need receives safe drinking water for an entire school year.

With a LifeStraw Go water bottle you can enjoy refreshing filtered water anywhere while also helping to improve the world around you.

Brita Plastic Water Filter Bottle

A titan in purification, Brita began production in 1966 and acquired the first patent for domestic water filter use in the early 1970s, becoming the industry’s first true pioneers.
Brita is known for premium quality filters and their 36 oz water filter bottle is one of the company’s best.

• Features an easy sip straw that contains one of Brita’s patented purifying filters. This filter helps to reduce water treatment chemicals such as chlorine and provide you with a more refreshing water drinking experience.
• The Brita water bottle includes a built-in carrying loop for improved portability as well as a leakproof lead, meaning you can be confident it won’t spill on your gear during your travels.
• The Brita water bottle is top-rack dishwasher safe, allowing for easier cleaning and a more sterilised drinking experience.

The Brita water bottle is a great travelling accessory for those visiting more urban regions during their travels thanks to its Aquacrest filter design and its hardened plastic exterior.

GRAYL Ultralight Water Filter Bottle

One of the best and most compact filtered water bottles available, the Grayl ultralight water bottle is an award-winning choice thanks to its innovative purification system.

• The fast and easy filter system eliminates waterborne pathogens, chemicals and metal particles ensuring every sip is pure, odourless and refreshing.
• The design features a strengthened plastic exterior that has been dropped tested up to 10 feet, meaning you can be confident that your Grayl water bottle will last for as long as your travels.
• Grayl provides a ten-year warranty on any of their filtered water bottles, giving you the power to purchase with confidence!

The Grayl water bottle’s easy to use pressure filter, compact design and ability to purify any wild water source makes it the perfect travelling companion for an international explorer.

The reinforced BPA free exterior and ten-year warranty is what puts the Grayl water bottle at the top of our list for the best water filter bottle for travelling.


The benefits of using a filtered water bottle are endless, especially when travelling as they ensure you can be confident of constant access to clean drinkable water no matter where in the world you decide to go.

Any eager adventurer or earnest hiker should consider a filtered water bottle an absolute travel necessity as they not only keep you hydrated during your travel but help to reduce plastic waste the world over.

Steve Rohan

About the author: Steve Rohan, originally from England, has lived in China for over six years. He has lived in the frozen city of Harbin, the ancient capital of Luoyang and now resides in the tropical paradise of Sanya on Hainan Island.

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